October 30, 2006

WOW! For the 2007 season, live television coverage of Supercross will DOUBLE!

Yes, that’s the “exciting” way of noting that instead of just one live event, there will be TWO supercrosses given the “live” treatment. And I’ve got to give credit to the parties involved, because they picked the best possible events: the opening round of the AMA series in Anaheim, and the finale in Las Vegas. But it remains a crying shame that the rest of the series is still deemed too unimportant or unpopular or not lucrative enough to warrant live coverage for ALL of the races. (here’s the press release, courtesy Racer X online)

The strange thing about the schedule is that even though the Anaheim 1 race will be live on SPEED, there will be a re-broadcast of the 450F class on the following day… the 250F class will have to wait a full week. And that seems to be the case for most of the races; the premier class will be shown on the day after the race, but the regional class broadcast is delayed a week. Ah, the wonders of cable TV scheduling…!

In any case, it’s good to see expanded coverage of our great sport. Here’s hoping the production team learned from their many mistakes of last season.