October 31, 2008

SuperX is super innovative!

Chad Reed's SuperX: The Australasian Supercross Championship is underway and you MUST check it out. Talk about thinking outside of the box, the SuperX organizers are using "Four all-new revolutionary race formats that pit riders in a bar-to-bar battle to the chequered flag - Super Sprint, Man-on-Man, Survival and The Triple Challenge."

At first glance those formats sound hokey, but there's a remedy for that: check out the video from the Geelong round, which features The Triple Challenge... instead of a 20 riders contesting a 20-lap main, they run three 6-lap sprints. Spoiler alert: would you be surprised to hear that Chad Reed won all three motos?

As for the overall production, I am impressed. They clearly have their business act together, the video coverage is great, they have crazy hype announcers (too crazy for me; one of 'em runs down an injured Daniel Reardon and sticks a microphone in his face to ask him a question that surely could have waited), they have an obvious name recognition factor with the X Games, so expect to see more Australasian racers competing in that event no doubt. This series looks like a winner, and Chad and his partners have a 10-year license to run this series for Motorcycle Australia. This could be Reed's most heads-up play to date.

Go Chad, itsyabirfday!

October 28, 2008

American Motocross owes a debt to Husqvarna

Such a beautiful machine. The AMA's Motorcycle Hall of Fame has a feature on this 1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross at their website, saying "Few motorcycles have started more off-road dreams than this one." That's quite a claim until you realize that this very motorcycle starred in that great classic "On Any Sunday" ridden by absolute motorcycle superhero Malcolm Smith.

It's cool that the AMA recognizes the pioneering brand in the Hall of Fame; I still think it's too bad they didn't "recognize" the 2008 Husqvarna 450TC that tried to enter the Nationals this year. Remember that? Racerhead even reported that "One critic critic called the AMA 'retarded'” (that wasn't me; I said, "Sure, the AMA stuck to its guns at Glen Helen, but in a weird way they wound up dissing the marque that arguably brought motocross to America").

Irony loves the AMA, because it always seems to follow it around. [extra point trivia question: How many Huskys in the Hall of Fame?]

October 26, 2008

Hey different man, nicer shot!

Rockstar brought out the talent, but hot as she is, they get even hotter in Paris for the Bercy Supercross. Photo by Racer X's Simon Cudby.

Hey man, nice shot

I like this photo of James Stewart getting flat at the Rockstar U.S. Open from the French site Motoverte.com, as they pump up the crowd for the upcoming Paris Supercross.

October 16, 2008

DC speaks about Motocross to Vital MX


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Word. Actually, voice and slides over some snazzy background tunes, MX Sports' Davey Coombs talks about the future with GuyB.

October 12, 2008

Because it is all about them

Just one cool photo from the friendly folks at "The #1 Amateur Motocross Magazine and Website in the US!" of a couple of unidentified mini racers at Branson, Missouri. The National Motocross Championship has always inspired kids like these to pursue the dream of a racing career. The task at hand is to build a series that can make more of these dreams reality.

Working Hard and Hardly Working, Pt. II, or "Drop the bomb on the MX Crew!"


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MX Sports head honcho Davey Coombs, I believe, is the hardest working man in American motocross (though I am sure he would bestow that honor on some of his staff). I also think he has the coolest job in the Nation, taking on the task of re-tooling the American motocross championships without the fetters of the AMA. From literally growing up at the racetrack in West Virginia, to revolutionizing the way the sport is covered in the media, to now having his hand on the wheel... talk about the living the American dream!

Addressing the motocross world from a podium in Las Vegas this weekend, DC presented the "first round of significant improvements" to the 2009 AMA Toyota Motocross Championship presented by FMF. GuyB brought back the goods.

And it is good stuff. The centerpiece is the improved television/web package with the Speed channnel, featuring a "minimum" of three races broadcast live, same-day broadcasts for the rest of the 450 class races (yes, they dissed the 250s again, but I'm sure it was for a good reason) and free live web video of the first motos of all races! And they rectified the class name bullshit. And a few other things... it's a great start indeed (here's hoping they rectify more bullshit with the next round of significant improvements).

I think 2009 will be just fine.

Working Hard and Hardly Working


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Take your pick. Rockstar rolls out the hotties in Las Vegas. Of course. GuyB couldn't resist (thank God).

October 06, 2008

Change is in the air...


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Look who's officially racing a Yamaha: the undefeated 2008 National Motocross champion, James Stewart, Jr., flogging that thing like a two-stroke. GuyB went to the official L&M San Manuel Yamaha Team introduction.