April 26, 2010

Ryan Dungey is the 2010 Supercross Champion

Big ups to Ryan Dungey for bringing it home in his rookie year on the 450cc racing bikes. I don't know what Roger DeCoster is saying to the new 2010 Monster Energy Supercross Series Champion in this amazing photo by GuyB of Vital MX, but you know Ryan is listening attentively. DeCoster and Dungey are a formidable combination of drive, determination, talent, experience and endurance, proven by this latest and most significant title.

Amazingly, this is Ryan's third professional championship in a row.

Is Supercross Over? Don't be ridiculous...

All photos from GuyB's great Seattle coverage at Vital MX

Sure, the Big Title is wrapped up with two rounds remaining, but that doesn't mean this series is finished with putting on an exciting show of indoor motocross racing by some of the fastest motorcycle riders on the planet.

One of those guys, beyond any question, is Nick Wey, national number 27. Nick was a Team Green amateur champion back in the day, so it's really cool to see him get a chance back on Team Kawasaki.

Kevin Windham is also, without a doubt, one of the best motorcycle riders in the world. His ability to precisely control his bike and his savvy race craft are well-established and on top of that he's just fun to watch. 2010 has been a great year for Windham, and there are two more chances to see how he finishes this season.

Though still recovering from his injury, the outgoing Supercross champion showed up to sign autographs at Seattle. Two more rounds means two more opportunities for fans to meet James Stewart and share some kind words.

So even though the 2010 Monster Energy Supercross Series was remarkable in that on-track injuries sidelined the defending champion, the past champion AND one of the two-most-likely-to-become champions, resulting in the National Championship being suddenly decided by default with three races to go, when these guys hit the track next Saturday night there will be fast times to set, heat races to run and main events to win. Those that can race will be there. I think supercross fans will be there too.

April 18, 2010

St. Louis Blues: The Drummer gets it all

This shot doesn't quite tell the whole story of a momentous night in St. Louis for the racers of the MESS, nor does it quite tell the whole story of this unpredictable supercross season, but it certainly nails the ending: Ryan Dungey is the 2010 Supercross Champion. Congratulations Ryan!

And get well soon, Ryan Villopoto. Yes, the tale of two Ryans came to a dramatic end last night, with Villopoto carried off the field of battle with a broken leg. Here's the story from GuyB.

Nice pic by GuyB/Vital MX

April 12, 2010

Houston Rockets: 5 on the floor

Ryan Dungey is having an amazing rookie year in the 450 cc Supercross class, especially considering that out of the 13 races run so far, his 5th place effort in Houston was his worst finish of the year! Unfortunately for Ryan D, his championship rival, Ryan Villopoto, took the win and made up a bunch of ground in the points. The tale of two Ryans continues...

Photo by GuyB/Vital MX.

April 11, 2010

Christophe Pourcel is the first Supercross Champion of 2010

Congratulations to Pourcel and the Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki squad for defending their 250cc East region title. The champ went wire-to-wire in Houston to win his fifth race of the eight-race season, clinching the crown with one round remaining.

One down, one to go Christophe?

Photo by GuyB/Vital MX.