February 18, 2008

I did this... er, almost 22 years ago!

Davey Coombs at Racer X Online posted this scan of an cover photo I shot for Cycling East newspaper WAAAAAYYYYY back in 1986! Davey ran it at the end of this Racerhead column. Why? I have no idea... but it sure was cool to see it there!

February 17, 2008

Racer X Films covers the Dealer News trade show!

Okay, you've got to see these hilarious clips over at Racer X Films.... first, there's the warm-up, then the pitch for Day 1 and then the swing for the bleachers on Day 2.

I'd say it was a homerun. While the first video consists of "survival tips" from insiders like Troy Lee and bonafide superstars like MC and RC, the funniest to me is when Davey Coombs checks out the latest, greatest Chinese motorcycles on Day 2.