October 17, 2009

The Highest Paid Motocross Racer of 2009

This year, Rockstar Energy sponsored what has become the traditional year-end race that sort of marks the start of the "pre-season" for next year's stadium motocross series. Rockstar found the winning number this year for sure, as their Suzuki factory teams absolutely swept motocross racing in America. However, a Red Bull-sponsored athlete owns supercross.

As far as 2009 purse money goes, there is no argument: Supercross paid more than Outdoor Motocross, and the richest supercross of all is actually a shrunken version of the sport, contested within the confines of a casino arena.... which tells you all you need to know about the financial interest of this event, particularly with those who actually have a stake in supercross racing. Held in a gambling city, the Open is also open to sports wagering.

I have not seen official year-end figures yet, but I think it is safe to conclude that the combination of James Stewart's 11 regular season wins with his U.S. Open of Supercross victory have put him on top of the earnings chart. GuyB shows us the money.

James Stewart: Winning Again

First race back, first win of the "off season." Of course, one would expect the current National and World Supercross champ to win the biggest little race in supercross. Unfortunately, one should not expect his dominant two-night performance in Las Vegas to change the minds of his many detractors.

Some folks just can't handle the truth.

GuyB gets the hands-free.

October 09, 2009

Look Who's Racing Again

It's is October in America, and MX has officially moved indoors for the final big money races of 2009. But what if you held a race and nobody showed up? James Stewart, 2009 Supercross champ, showed up with this beautiful 2010 works Yamaha fielded by the San Manuel team. Credit GuyB/Vital MX.

October 07, 2009

Motocross of Nations: Good for America

The world, and our Nation, is facing challenging times, but it's days like these that remind us to lighten up a bit on the politics and the doom-n-gloom (admittedly, this is easy to say when you live in this country) and just do the things that bring us the most enjoyment. These guys are living examples of what happens when you follow your dream with all of your heart and soul, willing to work diligently to achieve your goals.

These guys won the 63rd Motocross of Nations. Congratulations to Team America!

From left to right, Jake Weimer, Roger Decoster, Ryan Dungey, Ivan Tedesco.

Another perfect photo by Jeffrey Beersden for Vital MX. His coverage of the event is superb.

Motocross of Nations: American Flyer

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Flyin' Ryan Dungey, 2009 West Coast Region 250cc Supercross champion, 2009 250cc National Motocross champion, 2009 Motocross of Nations 450cc champion.

Heck of a year, Flyin'.

Photo by Jeffrey Beersden for Vital MX.

Motocross of Nations: The New Man

Ryan Dungey blasting through what turned out to be a very treacherous start to the third and final moto:
  • Antonio Carioli went down on the start straight and his bike was too damaged to continue.
  • Chad Reed got taken out in the first turn and started nearly last.
  • Gautier Paulin crashed shortly after that and was unable to finish the race.
But American Dungey avoided the carnage and chased down early race leader, Spain's Jonathan Barragan, to win the moto, as well as the overall for the MX1 class. All while sporting the big Number One plate as the captain of Team America in his very first appearance at the Motocross of Nations.

You did it Ryan. Congratulations.

Team America won 2009 Red Bull Motocross of Nations. Again.

Photos by Jeffrey Beersden for Vital MX.

Motocross of Nations: Style Rapide

French racer Gautier Paulin styled like this to the second moto win, wire to wire. Think about that for a second: the very fastest motocross racers on the planet showed up to settle an old, old argument: who is the fastest, right here and right now. Winning a moto at the Motocross of Nations is a very big deal.

Team France finished second.

Photo by Jeffrey Beersden for Vital MX.

Motocross of Nations: Best in the World

Very cool shot of 2009 World Motocross champion Antonio Carioli of Italy, tearing it up as the hometown favorite. Antonio beat the U.S. Champ, Chad Reed in the very first moto of the one day of the year that the fastest motocross racers on the planet gather to decide who's the mickey-fickey man.

Considering that the event was sponsored by Red Bull (official title: Red Bull Motocross of Nations), Carioli definitely did his job by putting his Red Bull logos out in front of the pack en route to winning moto one.

The Italian team finished sixth.

Photo by Jeffrey Beersden for Vital MX