June 20, 2007

Check out the Primm Motocross Collection... online!

I have to admit, I have no idea how long his website has been up and running, but if you have never seen the Primm Motocross Collection in person, his site is the next best thing. Simply a must-see for any motocross fan. Enjoy!

June 10, 2007

Hambone Watch, Round 7: Grand Prix of France

Our man in Europe, Sean "Swifty" Hamblin, took his Team Swift Suzuki RMZ250F to two 20th place finishes, respectively to finish... well, 20th overall on the day at the Circuite du Puy d Poursay in Saint-Jean d'Angeley in France today.

Sean picked up three points, but dropped to 19th in the overall World Championship standings. Which is ironic (to me), because my World Motocross teams are running in 18th position in the Motocross Dream fantasy standings. I just had to throw that in there...

I'll bring more Hamblin news when I find some... hang in there, Sean!

Check out Leticia's segment at Southwick!

Racer X Online is doing the coolest things ever in conjuction with Motocross.com, bringing us some fantastic Preview and Review shows for each of the Nationals this year, as well as eventually bring live, same day video webcasts starting with the Budds Creek round!

You can check out the Southwick Preview show here, which features a segment of our favorite motogirl, Leticia Cline, doing a special piece on Team Makita Suzuki rookie hotshot (hotshit?) Ryan Dungey. Leticia makes Ryan look pretty good, I think!

Good job to all!

June 07, 2007

So now it's about "parity"?

Imagine, if you will, that you were James Stewart. Seriously, let your thoughts wander to what it would be like...
... to have been superfast since nearly the very first time you swung your pre-pubescent leg over a motorcycle.
... to have not only won, but DOMINATED at every amateur level in which you competed.
... to have dedicated your life to becoming just like your motocross heroes, foregoing normal youthful activities in pursuit of your goal.
... to break into the professional ranks and quickly prove yourself as a force to be reckoned with, setting win records along the way.
... to develop to the point where you are acknowledged as the fastest Supercross racer on the planet, and to literally have the "keys to the sport" handed over to you by the best racer of all time.

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel; you are closing in on your dream of being the dominant active rider in the sport. Every time you go to the starting line, you look at your competitors and say to yourself, "I can beat ALL of them." And if a certain nemesis running the #4 plate is on the line, you know that, well, sometimes you can beat him too... but everyone else is covered. All of your hard work is paying off; all of those years of dedication are coming due. And all of a sudden, the sanctioning body of your sport announces that it is considering introducing new rules meant to nullify your domination.

How would that make you feel?

Would that make you consider changing your game plan? Would it make you feel unappreciated? Castigated? Isolated?

Would you go back into your video library of old races, back during the days of Jeremy McGrath, or back when Ricky was winning every single moto... would you go back to see what the AMA's response was back then? What did they do to achieve this "parity" when the King of Supercross was on a roll? If you did take the time to review that history, you would find nothing. Nothing was done about it. There were no suggestions that the bikes were "too fast for pros" or anything of the sort.

But somehow it's different now. So, how does that make you feel?

Parity, loosely defined, means a situation of equality. That things are equal. A strange goal, to be sure, in professional motocross where the OEM teams spend millions of dollars striving for technical superiority over one another just as the riders devote hundreds of hours to practice and training to hopefully achieve some physical advantage over their competitors. The AMA seems to think that they can legislate some sort of technical "even playing field"; heck, that's what the rule book is for. Ultimately, the idea is that the bikes are somewhat evenly matched and it's up to the riders to make the difference. Is that NOT what's happening right now?

If so, why all the talk about "parity?" Instead of equality, it almost seems that they are really seeking some type of INequality; a way of closing the gap between Stewart and the rest of the pack.

What if the AMA were actually able to make that happen? Again, if you were James Stewart, how would that make you feel?

Probably ready to take a closer look at NASCAR...

June 05, 2007

Vote for Leticia!

All Things Motocross' very own Leticia Cline (possessive, ain't I?) is in the running for the annual Maxim magazine "Hometown Hotties" contest. Okay, she ain't really my homegirl, seeing how she's from Orlando and all that. But never mind that, head over to her page at Maxim to see her pics and her video and to show her some love by tossing her a vote. You know you want to!