December 30, 2009

Supercross 2010: First you gotta put in the work...

James Stewart has been documenting his supercross "Boot Camp" and putting some photos up on his website, It's nice to see the young man healthy and ready for the season. Good luck, James!

December 29, 2009

Do you know this man? Jason Lawrence speaks

Catching Up With Jason Lawrence, Part 1

Thanks to Swap at Transworld Motocross, Jason Lawrence gets to speak his mind. And freshly out of prison, he says he's racing Supercross!

December 18, 2009

Nuclear Cowboyz: On Board with Mike Mason

Tell me this doesn't look like fun. Check out the other videos on their site. I guess now I know what Feld Motorsports has been up to during the break between SX seasons: working hard on taking freestyle to a new level of performance.

Obviously, I am the one that doesn't get it

Hear about Nuclear Cowboyz? Transworld Motocross has this gallery by Dan Guetter from the preview of Feld Motorsports' new, scripted freestyle show with the curious name. Now this is right in Feld's wheelhouse: tightly-controlled, artistically-rendered spectacle. I admit have been entertained by the stills alone.

December 16, 2009

Twelve months later, it appears Feld still doesn't get it

So, what have the folks at Feld Motorsports been up to during the supercross off-season? Negotiating a big-buck, high-visibility network TV deal to improve the reach of their premiere motorsports "property", the "Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship?" Apparently not.

Yesterday this press release hit the motocross websites I like to frequent (this one's on Vital MX), announcing that the opening round of the "Monster Energy...," well, I like to call it the Monster Energy Supercross Series, or "MESS" for short... the opening round will air live on the SPEED cable channel. Well that news doesn't suck. But that's not all, or even first. The press release includes the news that the Feld Motorsports monster truck circus will have it's opening round on the same night, but in Atlanta, Georgia, and SPEED will carry that event live as well. BEFORE the supercross.

FMS is touting this as some sort of big deal, as if all of motocross had been waiting years for someone to finally add monster truck "racing" to the program. Charlie Mancuso, president of FMS, went so far to call it the "ultimate six hours of pure motorsports coverage." Well done, Mr. Mancuso, spoken like a true huckster.

Look, I really don't have anything against the monster truck thing. But I'm a motocross purist, and I get pissed off when people disrespect my sport... and people dis it all the time. Some of those people actually make money off of the sport, yet still they show it no respect at all. No respect for the seriousness of the endeavor, no respect for the commitment of the athletes, no respect for the history of the competition.

To lump our sport in with an exhibition event consisting of characters that call themselves "Grave Digger" and "Mass Destruction" and pretend that this represents some type of positive achievment? No respect.

Someone needs to rescue supercross from its current owners.

December 15, 2009

Have I Stopped Feeling It?

No. Just stopped writing about MX for a while, that's all. Be back shortly.

Happy Holidays to all!

November 13, 2009

Serious illness forces Stewart to the sidelines

First, get well James. Your health is more important than anything. Anything. Even Larry Brooks said it is your "first priority" in this press release titled

Team San Manuel's James Stewart Force to Withdraw from International Supercross Races

over at Vital MX.
So believe that.

Unfortunately, there's no doubt this announcement of will cause disappointment all around, among Stewart's fans and foes alike. If I were a ticket-holder to either event, I admit I would be disappointed. But that's because I have actually seen James Stewart ride, in person. If you have not and you have any familiarity with a motocross bike at all... you want to see him ride, in person. You know you want that.

And if you have seen him ride, again, in person... you want to see him do it again. All the videos in the world are not the same as watching Stewart scrub a supercross triple while you're sitting only 50 meters away. The fact that you'll be in relatively comfortable stadium seats with your friends and family doesn't hurt.

The truth of the matter is this: there are only maybe a few hundred thousand people on this planet that have seen Mr. Stewart do his thing on a racing motorcycle, er, in person. They are all in agreement that it is indeed a spectacle to behold. But now the thousands of Italian and Australian motocross fans that were hoping to add themselves to that list by having their own "James Stewart Experience" will be deprived. I truly feel sorry for them.

Stewart will sit out the Genoa Supercross of Genoa, Italy and the final round of the Australasian Supercross championship series, the Super X of Brisbane, Australia. To my Australian and New Zealander brothers and sisters, I particularly feel your pain. I was eagerly anticipating this "last race of '09 showdown-throwdown" between Stewart and Reed, too. The Super X series has been highly entertaining this year.

However, health trumps all. Short-term thinking is fun and all that, but let's stay real about the important stuff. According to the press release

After recent medical evaluation, his Doctor and L&M medical staff found his immune system to be dangerously compromised and James was advised by his Doctor and Team that he should discontinue any strenuous activity and not travel out of the country at this time.

Considering current events, one doesn't need to be a doctor to understand that a "dangerously compromised" immune system is a condition to be taken seriously. Yet many motocross folks are from the "tough guy" school, in which riding injured or impaired is viewed as heroic, despite the dangers of doing so. I am glad to see that the L&M team seem to be taking this seriously. I certainly wish them the best, and hope James gets healthy soon. But I'm in no hurry; if it turns out to be so serious that James has to sit out all of 2010, I wouldn't mind. I have seen him ride, in person.

November 12, 2009

Super X Kings: Builder and Owner

I think it's cool that the undisputed King of Supercross, Jeremy McGrath (left), is willing to gear up and race in Chad Reed's Australasian Supercross Championship, the Monster Energy Super X, so I'm going to hold back on goofing with the acronym for a minute. This picture is from a gallery on the official site, and this link is to a pretty cool interview with the typically straight-talking MC, who admitted to being "ten years past" his prime.

Sponsored by Honda, McGrath recently raced at Canberra Stadium, the 4th round of a surpisingly competitive series. Speaking of surprisingly competitive, McGrath had the speed to run with the young Australasian lions; he finished 3rd, 16th and 7th, respectively, in the three races that night.

Chad Reed, now Monster Kawasaki-mounted, and part-owner of the Super X series, won the first two races in Canberra, then suffered a hard get-off while leading the first lap of the third. Reed sits in third place in the series, behind CDR Rockstar Yamaha's Jay Marmont and series point leader Dan Reardon, who's racing on a Woodstock Honda Thor team bike.

Reedy at speed-y, flexing the flat track steelo in big bad Orange and White Thor gear.

November 10, 2009

One of my favorite James Stewart videos

"James Stewart video before turning Pro. Featuring the music of Mos Def." -- thanks to dmenace259.

Great camera angles, great footage, great music, compelling use of split-screen, a challenging race track, this video reveals the hard work involved to become a champion. James Stewart, Jr. practicing at his home track in Florida, coached by his father. A winning combination, for sure.

October 17, 2009

The Highest Paid Motocross Racer of 2009

This year, Rockstar Energy sponsored what has become the traditional year-end race that sort of marks the start of the "pre-season" for next year's stadium motocross series. Rockstar found the winning number this year for sure, as their Suzuki factory teams absolutely swept motocross racing in America. However, a Red Bull-sponsored athlete owns supercross.

As far as 2009 purse money goes, there is no argument: Supercross paid more than Outdoor Motocross, and the richest supercross of all is actually a shrunken version of the sport, contested within the confines of a casino arena.... which tells you all you need to know about the financial interest of this event, particularly with those who actually have a stake in supercross racing. Held in a gambling city, the Open is also open to sports wagering.

I have not seen official year-end figures yet, but I think it is safe to conclude that the combination of James Stewart's 11 regular season wins with his U.S. Open of Supercross victory have put him on top of the earnings chart. GuyB shows us the money.

James Stewart: Winning Again

First race back, first win of the "off season." Of course, one would expect the current National and World Supercross champ to win the biggest little race in supercross. Unfortunately, one should not expect his dominant two-night performance in Las Vegas to change the minds of his many detractors.

Some folks just can't handle the truth.

GuyB gets the hands-free.

October 09, 2009

Look Who's Racing Again

It's is October in America, and MX has officially moved indoors for the final big money races of 2009. But what if you held a race and nobody showed up? James Stewart, 2009 Supercross champ, showed up with this beautiful 2010 works Yamaha fielded by the San Manuel team. Credit GuyB/Vital MX.

October 07, 2009

Motocross of Nations: Good for America

The world, and our Nation, is facing challenging times, but it's days like these that remind us to lighten up a bit on the politics and the doom-n-gloom (admittedly, this is easy to say when you live in this country) and just do the things that bring us the most enjoyment. These guys are living examples of what happens when you follow your dream with all of your heart and soul, willing to work diligently to achieve your goals.

These guys won the 63rd Motocross of Nations. Congratulations to Team America!

From left to right, Jake Weimer, Roger Decoster, Ryan Dungey, Ivan Tedesco.

Another perfect photo by Jeffrey Beersden for Vital MX. His coverage of the event is superb.

Motocross of Nations: American Flyer

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Flyin' Ryan Dungey, 2009 West Coast Region 250cc Supercross champion, 2009 250cc National Motocross champion, 2009 Motocross of Nations 450cc champion.

Heck of a year, Flyin'.

Photo by Jeffrey Beersden for Vital MX.

Motocross of Nations: The New Man

Ryan Dungey blasting through what turned out to be a very treacherous start to the third and final moto:
  • Antonio Carioli went down on the start straight and his bike was too damaged to continue.
  • Chad Reed got taken out in the first turn and started nearly last.
  • Gautier Paulin crashed shortly after that and was unable to finish the race.
But American Dungey avoided the carnage and chased down early race leader, Spain's Jonathan Barragan, to win the moto, as well as the overall for the MX1 class. All while sporting the big Number One plate as the captain of Team America in his very first appearance at the Motocross of Nations.

You did it Ryan. Congratulations.

Team America won 2009 Red Bull Motocross of Nations. Again.

Photos by Jeffrey Beersden for Vital MX.

Motocross of Nations: Style Rapide

French racer Gautier Paulin styled like this to the second moto win, wire to wire. Think about that for a second: the very fastest motocross racers on the planet showed up to settle an old, old argument: who is the fastest, right here and right now. Winning a moto at the Motocross of Nations is a very big deal.

Team France finished second.

Photo by Jeffrey Beersden for Vital MX.

Motocross of Nations: Best in the World

Very cool shot of 2009 World Motocross champion Antonio Carioli of Italy, tearing it up as the hometown favorite. Antonio beat the U.S. Champ, Chad Reed in the very first moto of the one day of the year that the fastest motocross racers on the planet gather to decide who's the mickey-fickey man.

Considering that the event was sponsored by Red Bull (official title: Red Bull Motocross of Nations), Carioli definitely did his job by putting his Red Bull logos out in front of the pack en route to winning moto one.

The Italian team finished sixth.

Photo by Jeffrey Beersden for Vital MX

September 17, 2009

No, really, Suzuki won EVERYTHING in MX this year

Jiminy, was no one able to stop the Rockstar Makita team outdoors? Apparently not even with twice as many wheels. A guy named Dustin Miller won the 2009 Professional ATV motocross title for the powerhouse team, really completing Suzuki's sweep of American MX.

Miller, Dungey and Reed. Congratulations on a phenomenal year!

This is a cool snap of Miller's race quad taken at Suzuki's championship celebration ceremony, shot by GuyB of course. Also check out his nice pic of Mat Mladin's championship-winning road rocket, making that yet another fast Australian winning an American motorcycle racing title on a Rockstar Makita-sponsored Suzuki. Wow.

September 10, 2009

Wait, what?

I’m not a p****.

That's what 250 National "Vice Champion" Christophe Pourcel told Racer X's Steve Cox in this "5 Minutes With..." interview.

Before saying that, Pourcel had just claimed that newly crowned 250 National Champion Ryan Dungey was "scared" to race with him at Steel City, and that "He was pretty fast today, but he couldn’t have ridden with me if I didn’t want him to."

Way to stay classy, Chris.

September 06, 2009

Steel City: Captain America

Let it soak in, Ryan. You earned it! The Number 1 plate in the most important motocross series in the country.

Next up: representing the United States at the Motocross of Nations, where he'll be sporting the Number 1 plate as well.

Steel City: Suzuki Sweep

Ryan Dungey is the new 250cc American motocross champion, specifically, the 2009 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Champion in the 250 division. Ryan is also the 2009 Monster Energy Supercross Series West Region Champion in the same division, so this has been quite the year for this young man.

But Ryan's outdoor title also matches nicely with the 450cc crown claimed by his Rockstar Makita Suzuki team mate, Chad Reed. Suzuki now officially owns outdoor motocross. At least for now.

Check out GuyB's great gallery at Vital MX.

Steel City: Not Enough

This has been a phenomenal year in America for Christophe Pourcel, but... but clearly the man is not happy with second place. Here he's seen between motos, drinking an energy beverage and not exactly smiling. Pourcel smoked the field to go 1-1 at the final round in Pennsylvania, but it just wasn't enough. GuyB explains it.

Steel City: Flight Club

Cool shot of Broc Tickle kickin' it in the first 250 moto at the Steel City finale. GuyB gets the props.

September 05, 2009

Yeah man, you did it!

2009. The Year of RD. Ryan Dungey and Roger DeCoster. Congratulations!

August 31, 2009

Southwick: I Sand Corrected

Er, correction: the actual man of the moment in Massachussetts this weekend was John "Say What?" Dowd, who took third overall after carding an incredible 10-2 score. Dowd was probably the biggest beneficiary of Chad Reed's unfortunate crash, but that doesn't take anything away from the 44-year old racer's tremendous accomplishment against men half his age. Yes, get on down Dowdy! And this is a fantastically inspiring shot by GuyB/Vital MX. Or I'm just old...

Southwick: Recognition Registering

Here's the man of the moment from this weekend at Southwick: GEICO Honda's Justin Barcia, shown here crossing the finish line of the second 250cc moto, while one of his crew signals that the rookie speedster had just won his first national overall. GuyB/Vital MX captured the moment.

Barcia won the first moto by chasing down and passing Ryan Dungey. Ahem. Then after getting stuck in the gate at the start of moto 2 (!!), put on a big time charge to 3rd place (passing Dungey again), which was good enough to seal the deal. Getdown Justin!

Southwick: Umbrella Nation

Southwick was the second consecutive "East Coast Rain" round of the LOAPMC, and you gotta give it to the fans who stick around to see their heroes battle for survival. Dungey doing it, as pictured by GuyB/Vital MX.

Southwick: Shifting Sands

Wow, #377 Christophe Pourcel had a rough day in the sand of MX338 in Southwick, MA., giving up 30 points to his championship rival, #10 Ryan Dungey. This is at the start of the first 250cc moto, moment captured by GuyB/Vital MX. Dungey ended up the day with 4th overall to Pourcel's tragic 18th OA, and now sits firmly in the championship points lead as the LOAPMC heads into the final round at Steel City Raceway in the Freestone State, Pennsylvania.

August 23, 2009

Budds Creek: Singing in the Rain

Chad Reed is the 2009 450cc Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Champion! He's the LOAPMC! Congratulations, mate!

Seriously, big ups and props to Chad for making smart moves all year long. And congratulations to Roger DeCoster and the rest of the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team.

These two great shots are from GuyB's always excellent coverage at Vital MX. Thanks Steve!

August 22, 2009

Budds Creek: Textbook Fast

This dude is fast. Chad Reed is one of the premier motorcycle riders on the planet, and it is just cool to watch him do his thing. GuyB caught Speedy laying down the quickest lap in qualifying at Budds Creek.

August 16, 2009

Unadilla: Horsepower Heaven

This is what open class motocross is all about. Ivan Tedesco puts it down into the ground. GuyB does it again.

Unadilla: French Fashion

Style check. Christophe Pourcel ripping. He went 1-1 unchallenged in New York. GuyB got it.


This guy haz it.

Photo from Youthstream's coverage of the FIM Junior World MX championship in New Zealand.

Introducing the latest American World Champion: Eli Tomac

Congratulations to Eli and his team and family!

Youthstream has the report and a beautiful gallery of photos.

Unadilla: core motocross

Tommy Hahn railing. GuyB wailing. Motocross.

August 02, 2009

XG15: Who needs Monster Energy?

Not these cuties. Ah, summer in Southern California, this is how we do. And yes, it's GuyB with the hotshots from the annual ESPN extreme sports lollopalooza.

July 19, 2009

Milleville: Man of the Moment

Rockstar Makita Suzuki's Ryan Dungey won both motos of his home National to edge back into the Championship points lead and reclaim the red front numberplate for the next race [correction: Dungey did not take the points lead]. Another great pic from GuyB's gallery.

Get yourself some more, Ryan.

Milleville: Davi DMX

Damn, that Honda looks pretty good in this shot. And Davi Millsaps is back.

Milleville: Pro Circuit Pretty

Ah, aren't these nice? I really meant it when I said, "GuyB got the goods." Steve posted some really nice shots from this weekend's LOAPMC in Milleville, Minnesota. Number 19 Jake Weimer blasts a berm on his way to sixth overall, and number 377 Christophe Pourcel styles over a rise while chasing Ryan Dungey. Pourcel went 2nd overall to Dungey, relinquishing the points lead to his rival [correction: Dungey did not take the points lead].

Milleville Motocross: Reed Leads

And I found what was missing, too: motocross photos! Look at all those diehard motocross fans, standing packed shoulder-to-shoulder on the side of a hill. GuyB got the goods.

July 09, 2009

Andy Bowyer found what was missing

Things are great for my family right now and while cliché, we are living the dream. Clint won at Daytona last weekend and as I drove to work Monday morning there was a “Congratulations Clint Bowyer” message on the sign out front. There isn’t anyone more proud than I am, but the message somehow stuck a nerve.

“What’s missing, dude?” I asked myself.

After a little practice track therapy Bowyer "gets nice with tha words" in this week's Rev Up at Racer X Online. Get down Andrew!

June 26, 2009

More Motocross: actually riding with James Stewart

Of course, THIS is also what a ride day with James Stewart is all about: actually riding with the man. The day was incredibly fun for everyone there, as these cool pics from demonstrate.

This is Motocross: Red Bull Ride Day

For me, this is what James Stewart's Southern California ride day was all about: hanging out with family and friends at the track watching this singularly phenomenal motorcycle rider go out and just do his thing: ride the wheels off that bike. I'm feeling this photo from

I also think James may have sold a few two-stroke YZ250s that day. He definitely made that bike look like a whole lot of fun. My 01 YZ250 was a fun bike, when it wasn't scaring me with its hard-hitting power; I had much more fun on the 05 450F I once rode (thanks to Donn Maeda at Transworld Motocross).

June 15, 2009

The Flip Side

And just like that, two foreign riders lead the points chase for the U.S. motocross national championship (using the word "foreign" seems kind of, well, foreign, but it stills sounds friendlier than "non-American" I suppose). This past weekend, a truly historic occasion for American professional motocross because of the tremendous live television coverage by NBC (tremendous, to me, because it was live; I have no comment on the production values yet, as I actually missed the broadcast due to the new digital tv bullshit), Australian Chad Reed and Frenchman Christophe Pourcel did the unthinkable and SWEPT both of their respective motos.

Now, how did this turn of events come to pass, only four rounds into the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, or what I like to call, LOAPMC (because as we all know, LOAP is dope)? Well, it wasn't because these professional racers who used to contest the World Championship and now battle in the American series are any better than their American counterparts. It is because motocross is hard.

Racing motocross is hard on the body, the mind, the bank account, personal relationships, and much more. It is a hard sport and sometimes even the best get hammered past the breaking point. The 2009 season, as beautiful as it has been so far, is also turning out to be particularly hard on the fastest. First, American pre-season favorite Ryan Villopoto was injured while training and is out for the season. Then American pre-season "vice-favorite" Mike Alessi got hurt training and is no longer in contention. This left the door wide open for the rest of the 450 field going into High Point, but it was Speedy Reedy who stepped through to claim the points lead.

Pourcel did not need the same opportunities to move himself into the series lead in the 250 class. The former World Champion is very fast and amazingly smooth and was widely expected to be a title contender, if not an outright favorite to win it all. But motocross has been, and continues to be, hard on Pourcel. The terrible injuries he has overcome to make it this far in his short but stellar career, coupled with his fight with a current mysterious stomach ailment, are proof of the physical and emotional toll the sport takes on those brave enough to go for it.

But motocross was even harder on American Trey Canard this weekend, who broke his wrist when he crashed out of the lead of the second 250cc moto. According to GuyB (who took the photos and wrote the story for Vital MX), Canard took the fight to Pourcel, but it was apparently not meant to be. Trey was running third in the points chase, behind the American everyone (or at least I) regarded the title favorite, Ryan Dungey.

(And motocross was hard on Josh Grant this weekend; check out this crash!)

Will 2009 witness yet another historic milestone for American motocross, with two foreign riders winning both titles? There are 16 motos to go...

June 09, 2009

Oh No! Alessi Injured!

National motocross championship points leader Mike Alessi severely injured one of his knees while practicing on Monday, just two days after a dominant performance at the Wortham, Texas round of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship at Freestone Raceway; Racer X Online has the news.

Get well soon, M. We'll miss the crazy holeshots, like this huge jump to start the second moto. Another cool capture by GuyB at Vital MX.

May 30, 2009

May 26, 2009

Glen Helen: Women at Work - Factory Fiolek

The Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship features a women's class, and Red Bull Honda factory team member and current women's National Champion Ashley Fiolek dominated the day by grabbing huge holeshots and running away with both wins. Multi-time Champion Jessica Patterson took second and Sherri Cruse finished third in some pretty exciting racing action.

While watching them race and seeing how truly fast these women are on the challenging world-class motocross course at Glen Helen, I couldn't help but think about how much butt they kick back at their local tracks. These women contesting the Lucas Oil championship can flat ride, son.

Fearless start photo by GuyB at Vital MX.

May 25, 2009

Glen Helen: Men on a Mission, Exhibit B - 2 vs 22

It may not have seemed like it at Glen Helen, but I believe this is the battle for the 450 cc crown right here, 2 versus 22. After playing his cards close to the vest during the entire supercross season, and with only two or three weeks before the start of the outdoor series, Rockstar Makita Suzuki's Chad Reed (22) announced he would participate in the Nationals. I wonder if he would have made the same decision if James Stewart were racing the series?

In any case, Reed came out swinging on Saturday morning, setting the pace in practice with the fastest laps of both sessions. But when it came to 30+2, RV proved to be the Man, running down everyone he needed to on the way to winning both motos decisively. Chad went 4-3, finishing behind only the popular Mike Alessi and the surprising Josh Grant, two guys who could (and often do) call the Glen Helen track "home."

Reed had gotten used to finishing second behind a stocky redhead, Ricky Carmichael. I'm pretty sure Monster Energy Kawasaki's Ryan Villopoto (2), another redheaded racer, would like to keep Reed in that familiar runner-up position all year long. Reed clearly has the speed to run with Ryan, so this championship is going to be determined by sheer guts. It's gonna be awesome! Coolpic by GuyB at Vital MX.

Glen Helen: Men on a Mission, Exibit A - Ryan Dungey

Ryan Dungey just might be the only guy in the 250cc class able to keep the National Motocross championship from falling into foreign hands this year. Sure, Justin Barcia wowed the crowd with his energetic style, and Trey Canard ran hard all day, but it was the Rockstar Makita Suzuki-mounted Dungey that took the biggest step towards the title. Powerphoto by GuyB at VitalMX.

May 15, 2009

And now... Motocross

In it's natural setting, outdoors and freed from the confines of football stadiums, baseballparks and basketball arenas, this sport of racing lightweight, high-powered motorcycles really comes alive. Ryan Walters and David Bulmer of Vurbmoto submit the following evidence:

May 03, 2009

There are two 2-time supercross champions now

Who will break the tie in 2010?

Never mind that, what's going on in Reed's mind in this GuyB pic from Vital MX? "If I can get him to stall that Yamaha, he might not be able to get it re-started..." ...? I don't know, but according to Steve Matthes' race report at Racer X Online, Reed "sent a little message to James by forcing him off the track." What's up with that, Chad?

"I don't despise James Stewart, I just despise his fans"

The headline quote is not mine, but it paraphrases sentiments I've read posted at various motocross message boards over the years. Did Las Vegas rock for Stewart? I don't know; I wasn't there and I didn't see it or hear it and haven't read much about it yet (and that will soon change), but I'm looking at this shot and guessing that the reason the guys in the front row aren't cheering and clapping and giving James thumbs up and all that, is that they were actually hired to hold the railing in place.

Or maybe their arms are just too tired after all the cheering they did for the winner of the main event, Ryan Villopoto. In any case, the guy who would know, GuyB at Vital MX that is, says the fans were appreciative.