December 16, 2009

Twelve months later, it appears Feld still doesn't get it

So, what have the folks at Feld Motorsports been up to during the supercross off-season? Negotiating a big-buck, high-visibility network TV deal to improve the reach of their premiere motorsports "property", the "Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship?" Apparently not.

Yesterday this press release hit the motocross websites I like to frequent (this one's on Vital MX), announcing that the opening round of the "Monster Energy...," well, I like to call it the Monster Energy Supercross Series, or "MESS" for short... the opening round will air live on the SPEED cable channel. Well that news doesn't suck. But that's not all, or even first. The press release includes the news that the Feld Motorsports monster truck circus will have it's opening round on the same night, but in Atlanta, Georgia, and SPEED will carry that event live as well. BEFORE the supercross.

FMS is touting this as some sort of big deal, as if all of motocross had been waiting years for someone to finally add monster truck "racing" to the program. Charlie Mancuso, president of FMS, went so far to call it the "ultimate six hours of pure motorsports coverage." Well done, Mr. Mancuso, spoken like a true huckster.

Look, I really don't have anything against the monster truck thing. But I'm a motocross purist, and I get pissed off when people disrespect my sport... and people dis it all the time. Some of those people actually make money off of the sport, yet still they show it no respect at all. No respect for the seriousness of the endeavor, no respect for the commitment of the athletes, no respect for the history of the competition.

To lump our sport in with an exhibition event consisting of characters that call themselves "Grave Digger" and "Mass Destruction" and pretend that this represents some type of positive achievment? No respect.

Someone needs to rescue supercross from its current owners.

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