July 19, 2009

Milleville: Man of the Moment

Rockstar Makita Suzuki's Ryan Dungey won both motos of his home National to edge back into the Championship points lead and reclaim the red front numberplate for the next race [correction: Dungey did not take the points lead]. Another great pic from GuyB's gallery.

Get yourself some more, Ryan.

Milleville: Davi DMX

Damn, that Honda looks pretty good in this shot. And Davi Millsaps is back.

Milleville: Pro Circuit Pretty

Ah, aren't these nice? I really meant it when I said, "GuyB got the goods." Steve posted some really nice shots from this weekend's LOAPMC in Milleville, Minnesota. Number 19 Jake Weimer blasts a berm on his way to sixth overall, and number 377 Christophe Pourcel styles over a rise while chasing Ryan Dungey. Pourcel went 2nd overall to Dungey, relinquishing the points lead to his rival [correction: Dungey did not take the points lead].

Milleville Motocross: Reed Leads

And I found what was missing, too: motocross photos! Look at all those diehard motocross fans, standing packed shoulder-to-shoulder on the side of a hill. GuyB got the goods.

July 09, 2009

Andy Bowyer found what was missing

Things are great for my family right now and while cliché, we are living the dream. Clint won at Daytona last weekend and as I drove to work Monday morning there was a “Congratulations Clint Bowyer” message on the sign out front. There isn’t anyone more proud than I am, but the message somehow stuck a nerve.

“What’s missing, dude?” I asked myself.

After a little practice track therapy Bowyer "gets nice with tha words" in this week's Rev Up at Racer X Online. Get down Andrew!