April 27, 2008

Fashion Plate


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Hey Chad, now that color scheme is working. SuperX put on a riding clinic, going from last to fighting Andrew Short for second on the last lap. Here Reed gestures to Shorty after taking the checkered flag. "What up, foo? You can't stop this!"
photo by GuyB

Jason Lawrence: 2008 supercross champion!


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He did it, he pulled it off, he earned it and he definitely delivered for the once-mighty Yamaha of Troy team. Give the man some credit! Getdown Jason Lawrence!

I know the headline looks a little off since Lawrence "only" won the 250F West Regional championships... and they have a term for the class that I refuse to use.... but to me, supercross is supercross, regardless of the bike size. Anyway...

photo by GuyB

April 20, 2008

Honda Gets The Small Bore Crown


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When was the last time Honda won a 250F Supercross title? Was it back when Travis Preston capitalized on James Stewart's rookie mistakes to take a surprise championship? Well, Trey Canard's crown is every bit a "surprise", as even with his pre-season injury, Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki's Ryan Villopoto was widely expected to dominate the East Coast region.

What a difference a year makes. Last year Pro Circuit won both Coasts; this year they were completely shut out.

A Championship Lost, A Title Won


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Trey Canard did it! He outmaneuvered Ryan Villopoto when it counted most, going inside before the finish line jump and forcing Villpoto into a mistake, winning the St. Louis 250F Supercross and the East Region Championship. Congratulations TC! The crux of the biscuit brilliantly captured by GuyB.

April 12, 2008

Chad Reed Has Heart

Pro athletes often are called upon to perform when injured. Tonight at the Detroit Supercross, championship-points-leader Chad Reed (L&M Racing/San Manual Band of Mission Indians/Yamaha) suffered a big time crash in practice, spent hours in the hospital being treated for internal injuries, than came back and raced to a championship-saving 12th place finish.

Now, that might not sound like so much for the normal, jaded sports junkie... but I just heard his voice, as the Supercross Live webcast guys were able to interview Chad right after they pulled off the track. And it was kind of chilling listening to Reed's voice. You could hear in his voice how stressful the entire night had been, and even though he was somewhat relieved to finish as high as he did, particularly since he also crashed in the first turn, there was still a lot of tension in his tone.

Get well soon, Chad. And keep doing what you're doing.

April 08, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: The Thunder Valley National Outdoor Motocross will air LIVE on CBS TV!

Actually, that's a complete fantasy of mine, no truth to it all. Call it a late April Fool's day headline, but wow, after thinking about the new Saturday night championship round in Colorado, well... it sure would be cool!

C'mon CBS Sports. Do it. Wake up that sleepy Saturday night audience with a live network television broadcast of the outdoor motocross championships this summer!

April 07, 2008

The Man from the Mission is on a Mission


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Say what you want about Chad Reed's sartorial splendor, but the "The Man from the Mission" (San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, to be precise) is in complete control of the Monster Supercross Supercross title chase (yes, it looks silly to repeat "Supercross"). On a nasty track in Dallas, SuperX Reed rode away from best of the rest. Yamaha's Josh Hill took second, and Honda's Davi Millsaps found himself yet another podium ride to finish third.

But Chad... what's up with the gear? That color scheme is teh suck...

#2 is 2 for 2


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First, I have to say my favorite source for All Things Motocross, the generous Guy B of Vital MX, spent the weekend at the Grand Prix of The Netherlands at the Eurocircuit at Valkenswaard. So this week's Monster Supercross report is ably illustrated by the cheerful (and charitable) Chris Hultner of Amateur MX.

Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki's Ryan Villopoto continued to re-emerge as his usual dominating self, taking advantage of points leader Trey Canard's bad luck to grab his second win in a row in 250F East action at the Dallas Supercross. RV is down 17 points to Canard, with only two rounds to go. If Villo loses this title, it will have nothing to do with his speed or skill; that first round DNF is the major culprit.

April 04, 2008

Jeremy McGrath Injured While Practicing

Man, I'm sorry to hear this: McGrath was riding at his ranch when he somehow crashed . He fractured his femur, according to the report.

Get well soon, MC!