April 07, 2008

#2 is 2 for 2


See More Motocross Photos at VitalMX.com

First, I have to say my favorite source for All Things Motocross, the generous Guy B of Vital MX, spent the weekend at the Grand Prix of The Netherlands at the Eurocircuit at Valkenswaard. So this week's Monster Supercross report is ably illustrated by the cheerful (and charitable) Chris Hultner of Amateur MX.

Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki's Ryan Villopoto continued to re-emerge as his usual dominating self, taking advantage of points leader Trey Canard's bad luck to grab his second win in a row in 250F East action at the Dallas Supercross. RV is down 17 points to Canard, with only two rounds to go. If Villo loses this title, it will have nothing to do with his speed or skill; that first round DNF is the major culprit.

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