October 28, 2008

American Motocross owes a debt to Husqvarna

Such a beautiful machine. The AMA's Motorcycle Hall of Fame has a feature on this 1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross at their website, saying "Few motorcycles have started more off-road dreams than this one." That's quite a claim until you realize that this very motorcycle starred in that great classic "On Any Sunday" ridden by absolute motorcycle superhero Malcolm Smith.

It's cool that the AMA recognizes the pioneering brand in the Hall of Fame; I still think it's too bad they didn't "recognize" the 2008 Husqvarna 450TC that tried to enter the Nationals this year. Remember that? Racerhead even reported that "One critic critic called the AMA 'retarded'” (that wasn't me; I said, "Sure, the AMA stuck to its guns at Glen Helen, but in a weird way they wound up dissing the marque that arguably brought motocross to America").

Irony loves the AMA, because it always seems to follow it around. [extra point trivia question: How many Huskys in the Hall of Fame?]

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