October 31, 2008

SuperX is super innovative!

Chad Reed's SuperX: The Australasian Supercross Championship is underway and you MUST check it out. Talk about thinking outside of the box, the SuperX organizers are using "Four all-new revolutionary race formats that pit riders in a bar-to-bar battle to the chequered flag - Super Sprint, Man-on-Man, Survival and The Triple Challenge."

At first glance those formats sound hokey, but there's a remedy for that: check out the video from the Geelong round, which features The Triple Challenge... instead of a 20 riders contesting a 20-lap main, they run three 6-lap sprints. Spoiler alert: would you be surprised to hear that Chad Reed won all three motos?

As for the overall production, I am impressed. They clearly have their business act together, the video coverage is great, they have crazy hype announcers (too crazy for me; one of 'em runs down an injured Daniel Reardon and sticks a microphone in his face to ask him a question that surely could have waited), they have an obvious name recognition factor with the X Games, so expect to see more Australasian racers competing in that event no doubt. This series looks like a winner, and Chad and his partners have a 10-year license to run this series for Motorcycle Australia. This could be Reed's most heads-up play to date.

Go Chad, itsyabirfday!

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