February 20, 2006

How About That Race??

Wow! Did that race have everything or what? Drama, excitement, crashes, unexpected turns... man, I never thought that Jimmie Johnson would pull it off!

Oh yeah, the St. Louis Supercross was pretty good too, huh? Just kidding... I watched the Daytona 500 yesterday and really enjoyed it, but the St. Louis SX was completely off the chain! I listened to the race on Saturday night and went to bed in disbelief. And I couldn't wait to see it on CBS on Sunday. I had to see for myself the fact that it took James Stewart three laps to pass Jeff Dement! Sheesh!

Carmichael's bike literally tried to kill him. It slammed him to the ground with a vengeance and just missed hitting him a second time. Some say RC's luck has just run out, but I say he was damn lucky to escape that crash without breaking a few bones. I hope to God that he's alright. Like the soldier that he is, he answered the call for the semi and won it just as expected. But nobody could believe that his Suzuki actually broke in the main!

And what are the odds that Stewart's bike would also break just a few laps later?? Unreal!

To top it all off, for a moment it looked as if IVAN TEDESCO was going to win his first 450F SX main! IT was flying, but Speedy Chad Reedy finally got his second wind and ran Ivan down and over. Congratulations to Skippy for the win AND the points lead! Like I said before, Wow!

Now I REALLY wish I were going to Atlanta!

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