December 06, 2006

Finally weighing in on the Toronto Controversy...

... ah, well, I'm going to let Jason Weigandt do the honors. Read his blog entry here... he wraps it up pretty well (and he was there in person watching the whole thing go down, unlike me).

As for my take? First: Congrats to Team San Manuel Band of Mission Indians/L&M Racing/Yamaha rider Chad Reed. "Superbad" Chad put a lot of bad memories behind him with this one. Good for him!

And as a Stewart fan, I'm happy to see him hanging in there to get podium points after what was at best a questionable move, but sheesh... it wasn't pretty. Glad to see that Preston wasn't seriously injured, and I hope Ivan is able to answer the bell at A1. But I'm not mad at Stew... like I said before, I wasn't there to see it in person, and the guy I linked to above describes the practice stuff pretty accurately.

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Anonymous said...

Ya pdub, you keep werkin it, is good, Ya!