January 05, 2007

My 2007 Supercross Predictions

Well I don’t know about you, but I am very excited about the “start” of the new Supercross season. 24 hours from now, I will hit the road to Anaheim with two of my favorite people to witness the latest installment in the “magnificent men with their flying machines” saga, the Amp’d Mobile/Toyota/and Other Sponsors Supercross thing-a-ma-jiggie. And here’s my pick for the championship:

James Stewart, Jr.

Now my regular readers will note that I picked James to win the title last year… and I was wrong. BUT, I was right about one thing: I predicted that the title battle would go down to the wire in Sparkplug 35.

With Rick Carmichael moving on, there’s no reason why James shouldn’t repeat as WSX champion AND win the AMA SX title as well… he’s got the speed, the experience, the bike and no competition.

No competition? Look, I think Chad Reed is ready to put on a fight, but he is proving himself to be fragile. Another pre-season shoulder injury was just announced, and he’s questionable for A1. I hope he shows up to gather up as many points as possible, because I think he’s the only real contender that Stewart will face this year. No one else has been able to run even close to Stewart’s pace.

Milsaps? Still recovering from a broken femur, he’s outta the title chase.

Langston? Has just recently returned to riding after a broken ankle, and he’s still unproven in the 450F class.

So here’s how I think the season will shake out for the AMA series:

1) James Stewart, Jr.
2) Chad Reed
3) Kevin Windham
4) David Vuillemin
5) Tim Ferry

Yep, I think Ferry will keep Tedesco, Byrne, Langston and Wey at bay. Hey!

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