February 23, 2007

Hill and Wey get points back, but the AMA Fuel Fiasco continues...

First, I'm glad Nick Wey and Josh Hill got their podium points and purses returned to them. Check out this press release over at VitalMX.

But the really weird thing is that after re-testing and investigating the fuel samples, instead of finding the fuel in compliance, the AMA actually found ANOTHER problem with the fuel. According to the press release, "Testing has shown that the illegal substance Methyl Butynol is being added to the majority of fuels being used in Supercross."

Come again?

So EVERYBODY is illegal for MB additives, so... we'll give Josh and Nick their points back. But no mention of Jason Thomas... will he get his points back, too?

Quick question: does this solve the problem or create as new one?

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