April 09, 2007

Travis Pastrana to race on Puerto Rico's Motocross of Nations team?

Just a week after Davey Coombs and Racer X fooled the motocross world with his "joke" about Stefan Everts racing the U.S. Nationals, and after Transworld Motocross' similar April Fools Day farce about superfast female racer Ashley Fiolek signing with Factory Connection Honda to contest the 250F class at the same Nationals... comes this stunning news release with this most unlikely headline: Travis Pastrana has joined the MXDN Puerto Rico team and will do his best to hold up his end of the deal.

Say what?

Now, most of us are rather skeptical about the whole thing, but it looks like it might have some bearing in reality. As most educated people know, Puerto Rico is not a country, but a U.S. Territory, so it's not like Pastrana would be riding for another flag... per se... however, I did learn that Puerto Rico does have it's own separate FIM charter, which is why it is allowed to send a team outside of the regular U.S.A. team. A loophole, if you will, for riders who would normally not get selected for Team U.S.A.

Will Travis go? Read the press release; it seems unlikely just based on his WRC schedule, but I can also imagine that being a Maryland resident, Pastrana would LOVE to race the MXdN at his "home" track of Budds Creek. And I KNOW the American public would love to see him compete there.

But I'll believe it only when I see it.


Anonymous said...

"Wow" if that is not the most racist sh*t I've ever heard,Puerto Rico is a country. If it was'nt a country we would'nt be able to paticipate in the Olympics like for Exp:(HAWAII ALASKA) and we're not the U.S's property like you make it sound,so get your Facts Right the next time you try to sound slick read more about our history.If it did'nt cross your tipicle American mind it could be that his mom or dad may be from Puerto Rico or his grandparents, Think about it!

Paul said...

You are right, anonymous, everything I posted there was incorrect. I apologize, thanks for pointing it out. No need to put me on blast. I needed the lesson, no doubt, but I wasn't trying to put Puerto Rico or Puerto Ricans down by posting what I did.

Seriously though, was that REALLY the "most racist sh*t" you ever heard?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad u at least apologized for it not many would so it it's all Good, and I was'nt trying to put u on blast, just trying to let everyone know that our countries as different as they might seem, have alot more in common than people might think, so it's cool!

PS: NO I guess that was'nt the most racist sh*t I've ever heard. I've actually heard worst sh*t on Xbox Live!

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul you should try visiting Puerto Rico someday you'll Love it here especially our beautiful "Gatas" or "Girlas" as we like to say plus the weathers fantastic, hope u come one day so u can let everybody know first hand, Peace!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous im sorry to burst you bubble... but Puerto Rico is NOT a country. It is in fact a non incorporated territory of the United States since 1898n and in 1950. It is in the Federal Relations Act of 1950 that it was recognize as a Commonwealth (NEVER EVER ist own country). That is a little piece history you should know if you are indeed Puerto Rican. As sad as it is to say (because i was BORN and RAISED in the beautiful island i call La isla del encanto) it is the truth and nothing can change it… for now. That is why there is no such thing as a Puerto Rican passport and citizenship. (think about it!!) The whole thing about having representation in events like the Olympics is due to the fact that the United Nations, following the Federal Relations Act of 1950, recognized Puerto Rico as a self-governing TRRETORY (again not a country) which then allows such representation. Travis Pastrana is eligible to represent Puerto Rico because his father is Puerto-Rican.

Toxic_waste said...

His father was born in Puerto Rico..that's why he can represent us...READ
Pastrana's father, Robert Pastrana is a native Puerto Rican, this made him directly eligible to represent Puerto Rico in international competition.[1] On February 27, 2008, the Asociación de Motociclismo de Puerto Rico (Motorcycling Association of Puerto Rico) provided him with a license to represent the island, which was accepted by the Unión LatinoAmericana de Motociclismo, the relevant sanctioning body in Latin America.[1][2] His debut with the team took place on March 15, 2008, when he participated in the Latin American Supercross Championships organized in Costa Rica. Here he qualified to the finals by defeating Erick Vallejo of México. In the finals he finished third, behind local Costa Rican racer Roberto Castro and Vallejo.[2]

Anonymous said...

Thats why travis is so crazy because he have Puerto Rican Blood.
Arriva Puerto Rico!!!!


Paul said...