July 01, 2007

An unbelievable battle at Red Bud

Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart finished 1-2 overall, again, but that simple fact does not begin to tell the story. It truly was a battle royale, with both rider pushing the other into making critical mistakes. James took the moto one win after RC nearly fell in a turn, and then Ricky took the decisive second moto win, and overall, after James endo'd in another rutted turn.

I saw the first motos live on Motocross.com, for the second week in a row, and I have to tell ya, they are doing a great job!


Jason Nohrenberg said...

That really was a hell of a race. Too bad James stuffed it in that corner, it was coming down to the wire. I really don't know who the best rider was at Red Bud. I like that certified dime piece you have on your blog. Can i have her digits?

Paul said...

Ha, a smooth guy like you probably already HAS her number!