October 11, 2007

Last Minute Stuff

First Carmichael surprised everyone with his announcement, earlier this year, that he would race the Bercy Supercross for the first time in his career. It was to be his last race on two wheels.

Then James got injured and sat out the tail end of the Nationals... then announced that he wouldn't race for the rest of the year.

Shortly after that, Kawasaki announced that Stewart's surgery went better than expected, and the next thing you know, James is spectating at the Motocross of Nations at Budds Creek, and then riding some promo laps at the Kawasaki Race of Champions at Englishtown, New Jersey.

Then RC announces that he is suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and withdraws from both Bercy AND the U.S. Open.

And then Kawasaki announces that James Stewart will now race in the U.S. Open.

Say what you will about the timing of these announcements, but here's my take: there's a lot of money on the table for this race. If any racer has a chance at winning it, then they really need to be on the entry list.

That said, I think James would have welcomed the opportunity to race Ricky indoors one more time.

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