January 20, 2008

Didn't see this one coming...

So yesterday I was walking out the door when I got a call from one of my moto friends, Paul. He told me Stewart was out for Anaheim 2, something about his leg, but at the time no one was sure. Not good.

We chatted about how James would have to just kill it the rest of the season, to overcome what would surely be a 25-point deficit to Reed. I ended the call and went about my business, which did NOT include making the 1-hour drive to Angel Stadium to actually see the supercross. Personally, the news only affected my fantasy supercross team selections...!

But then the news that James wasn't just sitting out a race, he's stepping off the scene for the rest of the season. It's not even February yet!

Racer X Films captured the press conference. As I write this, I haven't viewed the footage... I'm enjoying the Giants-Packers game right now... but I did read Jason Weigandt's take. My insta-opinion is man, that sucks for supercross.

In my eyewitness opinion, Chad Reed is riding the best he ever has. Watching him come from behind to win his heat race impressed me, and while I confess I didn't watch him as much during the main, it was clear that except for that one fall, Speedy rode... speedily. Had to do it, sorry. Anyway, I thought Chad was gonna give James some serious competition this season.

We can forget about that now. Instead, what we have here are conditions very similar to the last time (ONLY time) Chad Reed won the U.S. Supercross title, when the great Ricky Carmichael sat out the 2004 season. Seems the only difference, besides bikes and brands, is that RC made the call BEFORE the season began.

Guess I'll look at that video before I comment further.

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