January 05, 2010

Supercross 2010: Steve Scott sacks Terry Boyd?

A curious announcement from Feld Motorsports, Inc. (FMSI) hit the motocross websites today. It seems that former freestyle and monster truck announcer Steve "Lurch" Scott will be the "new face and new voice" of the MESS.

Okay, so the dude who was working FMSI's Monster Jam series is now making the move to the Supercross side of the house. Or as FMSI likes to call it, one of their "most popular properties."

Good news for Lurch, I'm sure he'll do well at the job, although I'm a little concerned about his idea to "bring a new spin to the meat and potatoes," although that is exactly what FMSI did to freestyle with the new "Nuclear Cowboyz" show. Best to just wait and see what's up.

Like, what's up with the current announcers? Who is Steve Scott replacing? The press release doesn't say, and I wonder why?

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