October 07, 2010

Step Up or Drop Off? Bubba's World Season 2 trailer

I'd like to see a version of this without the drama music. Either way, this is a masterfully edited statement and is sure to create some heat for the new episodes and the upcoming supercross season. But it still smells like a reality show to me. Perhaps I shouldn't judge it based on one short trailer (instead, I'll judge it by season one), but I just don't like that smell.

From JS7.com


Anonymous said...

can we get this show and others like it ,on tv not just satalite. may be a&e could pic it up kids and adults love motocross it would be nice to watch without paying 80 $ a month to see it

Paul said...

Paying $80/mo. to see entertainment like this is crazy, but there are those that might argue "hey, that's less than $3/day..." Same folks that spend thousands of dollars buying huge flat screen TVs I guess.