February 26, 2011

The Money Shot: Atlanta Supercross

Two Two Racing owner/rider Chad Reed appears to be headed for the tuff blox instead of actually making the right turn that James Stewart is trying to complete.  Yes, impact is imminent.
Whoa, what a last lap!  James Stewart got the holeshot and led for a few laps, but bobbled and let Chad Reed by.  Reed then went on to lead most of the main, but made a few mistakes of his own and Stewart was able to close the gap.  Then Stewart took advantage when Reed got held up by Stewart's team mate Kyle Regal, and passed for the lead on the last lap.  A few turns later, Reed implemented the move you see above.  Check out GuyB's fantastic report for the rest of the photos in this sequence!

As a result of the collision, BOTH Ryans went by (Villopoto and Dungey), with Villopoto taking the win!  A fantastic night of racing in Atlanta!  A stupendous disappointment for the San Manuel Yamaha team!


Anonymous said...

That was dirty Reedy... Just plain Dirty! You can see him try that same T-Bone 2 turns before too... Rubbin is racin, but that was just over the top... Not cool!!!

Anonymous said...

Not cool Reedy... You can watch him try to T-Bone Bubba 2 turns earlier as well... There's the heat of battle for a race win, and premeditated murder... Not Cool!!!

Anonymous said...

just like in las vegas on the outside arena sweeping turn. Reed knowingly tried to take him out. Anyone who ever raced could tell you that. I will not support his sponsors and if you do then your only helping him. -just saying

Paul said...

Don't get carried away, Anonymous. People make mistakes and sometimes do stupid things, especially in the heat of the moment. But I agree, it was a little dirty. Reed clearly intended to block Stewart's line, and he had to know that James wouldn't back off. Fortunately, no one got hurt.

It would have been an even more exciting race if the two of them were able to stay up, though.