July 17, 2011

Chad Reed takes a licking... and keeps on ticking

In any other instance, using that played out line from the old Timex watch commercials would be unforgivable.  But in this amazing case... ,well, let the videos (courtesy VitalMX and AmericanMotocross) speak for themselves:

Wow.  This crash was an incredible mixture of bad luck, split-second decision-making, great awareness, advanced athletic ability and extremely good luck.   He was able to "downside" the landing, a real heads up move, but look at the divot he takes out of the grass!  Chad hit the ground pretty hard, but he got up and finished the race!  The speedy (and smart, strong, etc) Australian came back to finish 14th in the moto, scoring enough points to maintain his lead in the title chase.

But we always knew that Chad Reed has heart.

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