August 31, 2011

Dungey's second moto at Southwick: Ride of the Year

Even though Ryan Dungey led all 17 laps of the first moto of the 2011 Southwick National, it was his second moto performance that will probably be known as the Ride of the Year.   Check out this great footage of the moments before his bike arrived (late) to the starting area.


John said...

That was an amazing ride. It sucks that he had so many mishaps like that. Makes you wonder if he would have won the championship had it not been for this moto and the one where he ran out of gas.

Paul said...

Things like that are what make motocross so dang interesting. We never know who Lady Luck will favor next.

Sarah Hill @ATVQuadSwap said...

Awesome ride, but I feel bad for him. Maybe next year!