March 09, 2012

Daytona Supercross: Dungey Sits Out

Photo by GuyB/Vital MX
Another injury, another blow to the Monster Energy Supercross Series.   KTM's Ryan Dungey crashed while practicing at his Florida training facility, breaking his collarbone BEFORE last week's St. Louis supercross.  That's right, Dungey raced to second in St. Louis WITH A BROKEN COLLARBONE.

He also celebrated his finish with that broken collarbone, as seen in the photo above.  Holy smokes, there is no better proof that the excitement that comes from doing well can override the pain of some injuries.

Actually, team manager Roger Decoster said they "... knew he was hurting but we did not realize his injury was that extensive. His gutsy performance in St. Louis and determination to keep racing despite his injury is a testament to his dedication to the team.” 

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