May 01, 2006

Congratulations Grant Langston!!

Wow, talk about putting it down when it counts, Grant "Lucky" Langston dominated the muddy Seattle Supercross last Saturday to clinch the West Region 250F supercross championship. Good job, Grant!

Now, at the beginning of the season I wrote an article about Grant, saying he was selling "wolf tickets". For those that don't know, "wolf tickets" is a slang term for bragging. And it was true; the article was in response to a press release issued by Langston's people, talking about how Grant was going for the "Grand Slam": by winning the West Regional supercross title, he would be the only rider in history to win every possible 125 title in the world.

And there's some truth to this. Before he came to race in the U.S., Langston won the FIM 125 World Championship on a KTM 125. Cool. Then he won the AMA 125 National Championship, also on a KTM 125. Then last year, Langston won the East Regional 125 supercross championship... but he was riding a Kawasaki 250F. No problem because they're legal in the 125 class, right? Okay fine, but this year is different. Yes, he won the title, but the class is no longer the 125 class. According to the AMA, it's now called the "Supercross Lites" class, and in fact, there was not a single 125 c.c. motorcycle contesting the entire series. Technically, it is NOT a 125 title for Lucky.

So, Grand Slam? I think not. But don't despair, Grant, because it is still a great championship and a great way to wrap up your career in the tiddler ranks. As Steve Whitelock ungraciously said when handing you the number one plate, "You're racing Supercross now, boy." Or something like that. I have no idea why he would call you a boy...

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Steven Mills said...

Hey man, thanks for keeping us up to date, its fantastic to hear how well a "home boy" is doing.. I remember as a kid at school, Grant was tearing it up, and i've followed is progress, only to be blowen away... Keep up the coverage, and Grant, Balls to the Wall bro..