May 19, 2007

My Outdoor Predictions: the War, not the Battle

In the grand tradition of JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing, here are my JIT predictions for the upcoming National Motocross Championships (a grand title, I must say, even without the sponsor attachments)...

450 class:
1) James Stewart
2) Tim Ferry
3) Davi Millsaps

Yep, you read that right. TIM FERRY beating "the best of the rest" to follow his teammate home for second place. This has already been Ferry's breakout, best-year-ever and I see no reason why it won't continue. I also do not believe the "Alessi Threat" will materialize into a top three finish, but I have no doubt that Mike will put in some electrifying rides this season... he might even podium Hangtown, because he definitely likes that track.

But Davi Millsaps? This kid is STRONG and I expect him to have a great year. I'm really excited about the 450 class; now on to the tiddlers...

250 class:
1) Ben Townley
2) Ryan Villopoto
3) Ryan Dungey

Yep, I think this is Mr. Townley's year as well. I also think that it will be a Battle Royale between Townley and RV all year long, and luck is going to play a big part of it. But I think overall we'll see Townley come close to dominating the series.

Back in third, I think Suzuki's new wonder kid, "the other Ryan", will continue to show the speed and determination he unleashed during the supercross season. If he can avoid injuries, I think he'll be able to give Villopoto fits for a few motos.

But enough of the BS pontificating... let's go racing!

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