June 04, 2008

Four for Four: Stewart Storms to Hangtown Win


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Remember back when Stephane Roncada ran with James for all of 3 laps during Stewart's last season in the then 125/250F class? Well, Davi Millsaps was the guy this year, but he made it last only a half a lap or so before succumbing to the pace and giving up the fight.

With RC retired and Chad Reed on the sidelines, the motocross industry appears to be in a tizzy, worrying about the effect of this Summer of Stewart. It won't be too long before some people will start talking about rule changes or making 250 riders move up... anything to somehow stop the James Juggernaut. Guys relax, we're only two rounds in and nothing is guaranteed.

Snazzy snaps by GuyB.

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