June 01, 2008

Hangtown: Tim Ferry is the story

Tim Ferry put his Kawasaki solidly in second place at Hangtown, AND had the grace and presence of mind to acknowledge "everyone listening on the internet." I listened or "earwitnessed" the second 450 moto, using the Supercross Live broadcast and the AMA's live timing website, and Ferry came from mid-pack to chase down and pass rabbits like Mike Alessi, Davi Millsaps, and a surprisingly quick Ivan Tedesco (who took third overall with 3-3 finishes... the sauce is getting warmer?).

Ferry's Monster Energy Kawasaki team mate, James Stewart, should have been the story as he obliterated (to borrow a term from Hillary) the rest of the field in both motos. But it seemed that once he got past holeshot winner Millsaps on the first lap, the webcast announcers rarely mentioned him, other than to call out the gap he had over second. No mention of lines, riding style, crowd reaction, nothing. I guess he was riding well. I guess I'll find out after the photojournalists weigh in.

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