August 18, 2008

AMA Toyota Motocross National Championship: 10 rounds in and it's over!


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2008 is definitely a year for the record books. The National Champions of Motocross were crowned on Sunday at Millville, two rounds before the actual conclusion of the series.

If Motocross utilized a "playoff-style" to determine its champions, this would never happen. Just sayin'...

Still, James Stewart, Jr. and Ryan Villopoto were/are so dominant in their respective classes, 450 and 250, it could be argued that most of their competition conceded the titles before the season even started!

To the champions, their teams, families, friends and fans, congratulations! Your unbelievable dedication to your craft, your unwavering commitment to excellence inspires us all to believe in and go for our own dreams. We salute you!

And to the undoubtedly hardworking people who put on the races, please consider that it may time for some "out-of-the-box" thinking to get more out of our sport. I mean, what's the reasoning behind using a points system that allows the title to be decided before all the races are run? Why use a scheme that increases the risk of financial loss for the remaining races? Sure, the riders get bragging rights... what do those promoters get, besides maybe heartburn?

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