August 09, 2008

No, really. This IS Jason Lawrence's Ferrari 599's Kristin Beat spent some time with "Out"Law at the X Games. So this beautiful, 600 horsepower V12 Ferrari actually belongs to Jason, ESPN did not rent it for him or anything of the sort. Check it out:

Surprisingly, Jason drove the car safely and flawlessly. From the parking lot to the pit entrance Jason was nothing but a calm gentleman. Even approaching parking security whom were hesitant to let J-Law pull the car in, Jason was patient and respectful. The pristine vehicle safely returned to the pits where it was parked on display in front of his motor home. J-Law may not have taken home a medal at X-Games, but I’m sure he had fun with his new toy regardless.

Did I say I was a little jealous? Now I'm even jealous of Kristen. How much of a Ferrari-loving wimp am I?

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