November 16, 2008

Get well soon Katherine Prumm

This news sucks: two-time Women's World Cup motocross champion Katherine Prumm of New Zealand overjumped a triple step-down in practice and broke several vertabrae. Here's the story from Racer X Online.

Wishing her a fully and speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

I am a dad in the states, My daughter races as do I and my son. Don't give up!! I like watching you ride. Get well soon !!! Our prayers are with You Katherine.

Nikki Atchison said...

Hae My Names Nikki I Raced In Your Womens Class In The Nationals In Rotorua And Taupo Also Hastings... Umm I Just Wanted Ta Sae Your My No#1 Idol And I Really Hope That You Make A SPEEDY Recovery And I Wish You All The Best..

Watching You Ride Is Just Amazing Your A Teriffic Rider Katherine Hope To See Owt There Beating Those Boys Again..
: ) xox

Nikki Atchison said...

hae my names Nikki I Raced In Your Womens Class In 2008 Nationals In Taupo Rotorua And Hastings..

I Wanted To Say That Ur My No#1 Idol Always Have Been.. So I really hope that you make A Speedy Recovery And I Wish You all the best...

Your An Amazing Rider Katherine I Cant Wait Until I see you out there competeing against us gals and those boys..
Hope To See You Again
: ) xox