November 09, 2008

Oh, no he didn't

Oh yes he did: Geico Honda's supercross-only superstar Kevin Windham showed up at Bercy unprepared to win, not good after choosing not to compete in the season's other high-visibility arenacross, the U.S. Open. Kdub carded 5th place on Friday night, behind James Stewart (L&M/San Manuel Yamaha), Justin Brayton (KTM), Josh Grant (Energy/Joe Gibbs Yamaha) and David Vuillemin (Bud Kawasaki).

Kevin told Cycle News' Shan Moore: "It’s tough racing against these guys who have been testing for a while. We knew we were going to come here and just try to learn a little bit but it sucks getting beat. It was a good showing for me, but I knew coming over here that I wasn’t really prepared so I just need to keep sight of why I’m here – what it means to the fans and what it means to the program.”

Got it? It appears that Windham chose to attend the race for the fans, even though he knew he and his team were not ready. What a concept. Still it's funny to read; Kdub is not an excuse-maker, but some of the guys he finished behind are adjusting to new bikes after changing teams, while Windham has been on the CR450F for quite a few years now, so I don't understand why they weren't "ready." the writer alludes to contract issues in the article, but still... Team Windham hasn't raced since May so what have they been up to if not preparing for the next race?

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