February 06, 2009

New Links: check these guys out

Yes, I've been sleeping. I recently "discovered" (translation: I'm late) a couple of cool mx blogs:

PulpMX, "The Place In Between Places Where Steve Puts Stuff" is written by Steve Matthes, a very funny dude who also writes the "Observations" column after every race for Racer X Online, among many, many other things. Podcasts, webcasts, videos... Matthes does it all. So why is he "blogging?" In his mission statement, Steve wrote:

Some of you that have emailed me requested some place like this yet others have wished I would die and go to hell. Just an F.Y.I this is probably not a place to read for those of you in the latter group.

I think that's some funny shit. And he's got more, much more. Hey, he's the owner/photographer of the leisurely beagle brothers in the photo above. He refers to them as The Ungrateful Bastards. Yes, that makes me lol.

And on PulpMX's "Da Links" page I found Eternal Two Stroke, a really well-written blog by a true advocate of the sport. The Eternal Two Stroker has a lot to say about the current state of mx/sx on television, and I admit I agree with a lot of it.

These guys know it's a cool sport and they're part of the reason why the sport is so cool. These guys are definitely feeling it.


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