February 15, 2009

San Diego Supercross: the title contenders are tied

This is the start of the 450cc main at last night's San Diego round of the MESS (MEASS? I think not). Check out the San Diego "style" Chad Reed (1) and (just behind him) Ryan Villopoto (2) are flexing, with their NFL Chargers lighting bolts and blue and gold. Looks good, guys, even though I'm not partial to the Chargers. Cool photo from GuyB's great race report at VitalMX.

As far as the racing goes, this start would be the closest Rockstar Makita Suzuki's Reed would ever get to L&M San Manuel Yamaha's James Stewart (7), who lead every lap to win his sixth straight supercross. It was a prime opportunity for Speedy Reedy to show the world that he could hang with James... but apparently he couldn't step up to the challenge. Was he just "not feeling it?" Or is Reed just not fast enough to beat Stewart? On the CBS broadcast, they reported that Chad said if he could just get close enough to James, he knew how he could pressure him into a mistake. And that's what it has come to: the field now admits that they don't have the outright speed to win, and will have to rely on a meltdown by number 7 in order to get one.

Uh oh.

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