March 09, 2009

Daytona: before "the fall"

The Daytona supercross is famous for a lot of things, like the beautiful grass start straight. Just look at this gorgeous photo by Brendan Lutes from his Daytona supercross race report at Transworld Motocross. No, those aren't explosive devices detonating just behind a line of world-class athletes mounted on ultra-high-tech factory racing machines, those are flames shooting out of their exhaust pipes. No one would be so stupid as to detonate explosive devices at a serious sporting event, right?

Anyway, what was going on in those guys heads just seconds before the gate dropped? Number 338 Jason Lawrence rolled to the line knowing that, for one lap at least, he could be "The Fastest Man Alive"... what were numbers 7 and 1 thinking?

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