March 14, 2009

Quiet Explosion: the Nationals will be International

MX Sports dropped another major television announcement yesterday; here's the press release courtesy Vital MX. According to the blurb, ".... the 2009 racing series will reach far beyond American borders and directly into households and television sets on 6 continents, 80 countries and over 430 million possible homes."

Wow, that's an incredible number! The press release goes on to decribe one the of broadcast partners, Greenlight TV:
Greenlight TV, with its Motorsports Mundial, Planet Speed, and Max Power programming, reaches over 400 million homes throughout the European Union, Russia and the Orient. The network will feature highlights of each round of the 2009 championship.

Wait. Is this the same Greenlight TV "formed in 2004 by C.E.O. and President Eric Marciano to act as distribution company for programming content produced by a variety of his other enterprises"...? If so, then the picture of the lovely lady, which was found on the "About US" page over at the Greenlight TV website, finally makes some (limited) sense. Don't know who she is, unless that's really Eric Marciano. I kind of hope not.

Or is it the same Greenlight TV that was reportedly 'kicked in the teeth' by the Isle of Man government when the pols denied the company the exclusive rights to film the legendary Isle of Man TT last year, according to this IOM TODAY news story I unearthed with my trusty google shovel? Yep, it's this one, a true powerhouse of international television distribution.

Just playin' around, y'all.

Anyway, this is humongous news. Congratulations to MX Sports and their fortuitious partnership witth the Alliance of Action Sports. And while it's going to be great fun watching it all come together this summer, what I'm REALLY looking forward to is how the inevitable results of this superior coverage will change the sport in the years to come.

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