January 25, 2011

A slightly different angle on the Los Angeles Supercross

From this viewpoint from the cheap(er) seats, it looks as if Brett Metcalfe (24), Austin Stroupe (74), Kevin Windham (14) and Ryan Dungey (1) all have a shot at crossing the holeshot line first.  But it was Metty's outside momentum that took him over the line first.   

Here's the lead pack jamming into turn two.  This is racing!

Motorcycles naturally attracts photographers, racing motorcycles even more so.   These are the first in a series of cool photos taken by Rodd Lindstrom at the Los Angeles Supercross.  Rodd's a long-time motorcyclist, an accomplished skateboarder and a very talented commercial photographer, as well as a big-time supercross fan.  Thanks for the pics, Rodd!

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MxSxPlanet.Com said...

Just checkin out the blog for the first time! will be back! I wasn't able to make the Race in L.A. but it looked pretty sweet, sad i missed it. Caught it on tv and i'm sticking with my story that it was still some of the best racing i've seen in Years! i'm excited for this Stewart v Villopoto battle we're about to see all season....