April 26, 2005

Mike Brown Has A Ride For The Nats!

Over at RacerXIll.com they're reporting that Mike Brown has just signed a deal with Mitch Payton's Pro Circuit to campaign a private Honda in the 250F, er, 125 class this year.

I'm glad to see Brownie back in the States doing his thing, but a Pro Circuit Honda? Pro Circuit has proven without a doubt that they build the fastest Kawasakis in the world, and I get the concept that there's no room in the semi for a fifth team rider at this point (although there is the absence left by Roncada... I don't think he'll be ready to take the gate on May 22nd), but still... I would think they could hook Mike up with a private KX250F.

In any case, all of a sudden the 125 class is going to be even more interesting, with past champions Langston and Brown and should-be-a-champion Hughes fending off attacks from will-be-champions Davi Millsaps and Mike Alessi. My money's on Alessi, in case you wanted to know...


Stephon Fuller said...

You think Alessi is gonna take it huh? I'm looking at Hepler, Millsaps or Langston. No matter what, it's gonna great to watch.

Paul said...

I also think Hepler and Millsaps have what it takes to win this... especially Broc, who was so fast last year. But I'm pulling for lil' Mike, just because so many people love to hate him! And he's been building up to this one all his life!