April 25, 2005

Ryno's World Champion... Again!

Ryan Hughes won the World Fourstroke Championship in the 450 class last Sunday; read the full Motocross Action report. Now Ryno has four World Thumper crowns, matching "Dr." Doug Dubach's achievement. According to the report, he had an easy time of it.

Of course, the top pros, as usual, sat this event out. They were all taking a much needed break between Supercross rounds. So Hughes' title comes with the caveat that his competitors included old vets like Dubach and Mike Bell, unseasoned youngsters like Factory Connection's Josh Grant (who won the 250 cc title on Saturday), and an assorted group of journeyman pro's.

I gotta tell you, this race no longer means what it used to. Back when Fourstroke mxers were a rare breed, it made sense. But now that the top riders are racing Fourstrokes in the Nationals and even in Supercross...well, what's the point of a separate championship that no one wants to race?

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