April 24, 2005

The Start of Something New


This little place is meant to be a haven and connection point for things having to do with motocross, specifically, American motocross both professional and amateur.

My name is Paul Willis, and I go by the nickname "Pdub" on the some of the motocross-related bulletin boards (like my favorite, Motodrive). I'm a mid 40's kind of guy who grew up during the that first phase of motocross growth in this country, the '70's. I started my racing experiences on a Honda XR75, quickly graduating to a 125 and finally a 250, all Honda Elsinores. The motocross bug bit me and the affliction set in deeply... I am a lifelong motocross fan, even if I never turn a wheel on a racetrack again (which is a horrific thought, come to think of it...).

Like many of us "veteran" racers, I spent a few years away from the racing of my youth. Okay, make that 20 years. But I returned to the tracks in the early part of this new century, a wiser, slower, fatter man. None of that matters: motocross is still motocross, and the bug, the ADDICTION still courses through my veins. I had to sell my beautiful, beloved Yamaha YZ250 in '03 after one last race (fittingly, the Carlsbad Christmas Grand Prix), and I am still bikeless, yet I am still addicted to motocross! I was smiled upon by Donn Maeda and the great folks at Transworld Motocross magazine and allowed to race once again at the 2004 Day In The Dirt; otherwise, I get my fix vicariously by almost religiously attending the big professional races when they get within a day's drive. And, of course, by hanging out on the web at Motodrive, Racer X Illustrated, the Dead Motocrosser's Society (DXMS), Motonews and some other cool places I'll tell you about later.

Of course, I'm counting on YOU to tell ME about the cool places and people you know about. Help a brother out, okay?


Anonymous said...

Try... www.Texasoffroad.net


Paul said...

Thanks. I checked it out, and it gave me some ideas... about your hosting service!