July 20, 2008

The background says it all


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This is the Chamberlain Cup, the trophy awarded to the team that wins the Motocross of Nations. The United States has won it 18 times, and on Saturday at Unadilla the AMA announced the team that will go for win number 19 at the Donington Park Circuit in England later this year.

GuyB took this photo of the venerable trophy, and I think the background is striking in a number of ways. While I'm not sure if all of those companies are actually sponsoring Team USA, I think it's safe to say that without the financial commitment of sponsors there would be no American MXoN effort. Which speaks to the nature of our sport as it has become even more professional, a sport that is creating wealth and value for a hopefully growing number of people. What's also interesting is what's missing in this photo: a U.S. flag or any other Team USA insignia.

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