July 26, 2008

Washougal: Saturday Symmetry

Some of you will not be surprised to learn that the number 1 qualifiers in both classes today were Kawasaki-mounted racers James Stewart (450) and Ryan Villopoto (250). What's interesting is that the very slowest riders in each class were also on Kawasakis!

In the big bore class, James set a fastest lap of 2:16.263... compare that with the 3:05.559 set by #712 Don W. Proctor of Auburn, Washington on his Kawasaki KX450F. Of course, Don's probably not riding a works bike.

In the quarter liter class, Ryan clocked a 2:16.868, which would have put him in second place among bikes with twice the displacement of his Pro Circuit special. Factory bikes. Back to the point... in this class, the slowest rider/bike combo was Todd J. Carlson of Mt. Vernon, Washington and his Kawasaki KX250F. Todd kept it outta the 3's, but could only manage a 2:52.142.

To be fair, I do not know the circumstances that may have caused these men to run comparatively slower than the rest, and I'm not making fun of them. Not really. My hat's off to these guys that man up and do what it takes to get an AMA pro racing license and get out there on the track when the fast guys come to town. Racing in an AMA National has to be the most common dream for everyone who has ever fixed a set of meaningful numbers to their bike after joining the AMA at the amateur level.

Maybe Don had a flat and Todd's bike bent a valve?

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