July 28, 2008

Washougal: This is What You Want


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Oh yeah. I tuned into the Racer X webcast to catch the second motos at Washougal and heard the exciting 250 class go to it's unexpected conclusion. Dungey has definitely been coming on these last two races, and when he set the fastest time in the first practice session, people should have guessed that something might be up. Ryan D. had to wrestle with Trey Canard (get well soon, Trey!) before taking the lead in moto two, but once out front he held off the killer. Who else has done that? Townley, last year? The mind boggles...

So Dungey denied Villopoto a Washougal win, something Villo has never been able to accomplish in his stellar, but short career. This actually sets up a fantastic showdown between RV and James Stewart next year!

Tense photo by GuyB.

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