September 28, 2008

Congratulations Team USA for winning the 2008 Motocross des Nations!


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Check out this shot of the start of moto 3. These guys are going for it! And the shocker of the year: James Stewart did NOT win this moto! The guy doing the Ricky Carmichael impersonation is #4 Sebastien Pourcel of France. Yes, Seb won the moto!

There are a lot of great stories trickling out of the motocross media, so your best bet is to do what I'm doing: check out GuyB's great shots at VitalMX, and check in regularly at MXerDWs Racetime Pressroom Daily, which links to all of the latest posts throughout the MX world.

It's a beautiful day! Congratulations for a hard-fought win Team USA!

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