September 11, 2008

The new owner of Supercross: Kenneth Feld

This picture of the CEO of Feld Entertainment is from this deeply jarring 2003 article by CBS News. The story is about a writer suing Feld for retaliating for an "unflattering" article she wrote about the Ringling Bros. circus. Holy crizzap.

"But that was back in 2003, Paul, why bring up that old news?" you might ask. Check this out: that suit has been in court since then and there were some significant actions in the District of Columbia Superior Court’s civil division just a few weeks ago:

The Court ruled that Jan Pottker had presented evidence leading to “undisputed facts [that] form a sufficient basis to deny judgment to the defendants on all of the counts brought by Pottker and WCI [her writing company] against the Feld defendants.” These undisputed facts are the following:

(1) [Kenneth] Feld did not want Pottker to write about his family or the circus;
(2) Feld wanted Pottker diverted from writing about the circus;
(3) Feld contacted [Clair] George [former Deputy Director of (covert) Operations at the Central Intelligence Agency] to commission the writing of a favorable book about the circus to be used if Pottker appeared able to publish her proposed book on the circus;
(4) George, with Feld’s knowledge, consent and money, hired [Robert] Eringer to carry out the twin goals to see to the production of the shadow book and to divert Pottker from writing about the circus;
(5) Eringer sought out and befriended Pottker to obtain information about her writing and plans to secure her trust as to his value to her in the publishing world so that he could provide information to Feld;
(6) Eringer reported his information and findings to George through memoranda and dixcussions;
(7) Eringer received the money he needed to carry out plans to divert, such as securing the money from Feld entities to partner with National Press Books to co-publish the Mars family book, Crisis in Candyland, by providing PPB the money that went for Pottker’s advance and securing the right to edit the book, but all in confidence with NPB without Pottker’s knowledge;
(8) Eringer entered into a written agreement with Pottker to publish Celebrity Washington, but made editorial suggestions that, under any reasonable interpretation, were designed, at best, to impede or delay the publication; and
(9) Eringer had to listen to “all of Pottker’s life plans” because he was paid to do that.

No, that's not moto. That's just nuts. This site calls it "
... the latest chapter in one of the most bizarre stories in the annals of espionage..."

The supercross "circus" and the "real" circus... what the heck is going on?


Matthes said...

I read that whole thing, that's nuts! Wow--I wonder what's going to happen to all the people that work SX now?

Paul said...

I don't know, but I can't imagine them making any changes that would jeopardize the 2009 "Dirtbikes and Monster trucks in a Stadium (somewhat) near You" tour.