September 10, 2008

Exhibit C: Yes, The Future again

Supercross. That word has changed hands again.

On August 29, Racerhead reported a rumor that "LiveNation has sold supercross to another entity..." Today, Racer X Online posts this press release from Feld Entertainment. Turns out LiveNation didn't just sell supercross, it sold its entire motorsports division, which is now called Feld Entertainment Motorsports. Sexy.

The press release states that the new entity "will maintain its current management, tour schedules, promotional partnerships and performance structure." So at first glance, it looks like the 2009 Supercross season should go along as usual. However, what's interesting to me is the way they refer to motorsports events as "performances." Now, I have referred to the "show" before, but coming from the folks responsible for Ringling Bros. Circus and Disney on Ice, for some reason it seems more disconcerting.

I was working for ABC News in the '80's when the network was bought by Cap Cities, and I remember that the transition barely registered at the studio level. Cap Cities was wise enough to leave the news shows alone, at least initially. I expect that a company of Feld Entertainment's size and experience will mostly do the same with Supercross. But change eventually arrived at ABC, and it will do so at Feld Entertainment Motorsports as well. Hang on, Sloopy.

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