May 11, 2005

2005 Supercross Awards

Even though the AMA and Clear Channel will hand out a bunch of awards for the racing season, I have a few special mentions that must be made. In no particular order, except that I saved the best for last, here are the ALL THINGS MOTOCROSS SUPERCROSS AWARDS:

The “Most Disappointing Season” award, without a doubt, goes to Travis Pastrana. The World’s Most Popular supercross racer finished only one race the entire season. Please don’t give up yet, Travis.

The “Can I Get A Mulligan, Mate?” award goes to Chad Reed. Speedy Reedy unfortunately lost his title, but he gained a bunch of new fans with his late season dominance. The man is plain fast on a SX track. Look for him to dominate the U.S. Open… again.

The “You Really DO Love Me/Us” award is a tie, going to both Jeremy McGrath and his legions of fans. McGrath scored by finally admitting that it’s all about the adoration, and his fans were more than happy to supply him with as much as he wanted.

The “I Really Need To Stay Out Of Vegas” award goes to James Stewart, for scaring the entire motocross world with the horrific vision of a Stewart-less National series (shades of 2003!) when he tweaked his wrist in his heat race and sat out the final supercross in Las Vegas.

The “Best Championship Defense (ONLY Championship Defense)” award goes to Ivan Tedesco, for not only taking a page out of the Rick Carmichael playbook by riding smart to his second 125 West Region championship, but for also having the guts to actually wear the beautiful number 1 plate on his KX250F. Kawasaki better make room for him in the big truck next year. Byrne might have to “move aside and let the man go through… let the man go through.”

The “Yes, Our Bikes ARE Bad-Ass” award goes to Mitch Payton and the Monster/Pro Circuit team, for dominating the 125 class in both regions.

The “Maybe He Really IS A 125 Specialist” award goes to Grant Langston, for being the only human being in the history of the planet to win the World 125 MX title, the AMA 125 National crown, and the 2005 125 East Region SX championship. Not bad for an African in America, eh?

The “Boys Will Be Boys” award is another tie, going to the dual/dueling Joshes, Grant and Hansen, for giving us internet “couch munchers” something to rant about after their ill-advised “meeting of the minds” in a hotel parking lot somewhere. Here’s hoping that they pick up where they left off, but this time on the track at Hangtown.

The “Best Magazine Cover” award goes to Simon Cudby and Racer X Illustrated, for that fantastic shot of the muddy first turn at Anaheim 1. Simon may have lost a camera in that heroic effort, but it was worth it!

The “Let Me Show You Ladies How It’s Done” award goes to the lovely Michelle Stephenson, for out-hotting all of the hotties in the press box at the Atlanta Supercross. Displaying nothing but class, the former Miss Supercross was easily the most beautiful belle at the ball. Too bad she had her goofball husband in tow (just kidding, Denny!).

The “Best Place To Hang Out In The Pits When You Don’t Have Enough Juice To Get In A Factory Rig” goes to the TFS mobile media motorcoach. Cool ride, Steve… did you ever get a maid?

The “Give This Girl A Raise” award goes to the 30-second-board girl at Anaheim 1, who somehow managed to stay hot, despite the fact that she was in fact freezing her beautiful buns off.

The “Best Performance By Kevin Windham” award goes to, predictably enough, Kevin Windham. Not for his fluke-y A1 win, but for coming alive in the last half of the series and making us think he might win another one without relying on everyone else crashing.

And last but certainly not least, the “Underdog? I Think NOT!” award goes to Rick Carmichael, for making a great achievement seem like the obvious conclusion to a fantastic indoor motocross season; for taking a new ride to new heights; for taking his talent to the rest of the World (well, Canada actually) and giving new luster to the World Supercross crown; for doing what needed to be done when it needed to be done; and finally, for bringing the Supercross title back to where it belongs, in the arms of America.

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